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If you want professional looking photos or videos, you've come to the right place!

Drone Work

Houston Drone Photography and Cinematography. Scrapyard Films flies drones and captures beautiful, unique, and professional videos and images for businesses of all types. You won't be disappointed.

  • Video files in up to 6K resolution!

  • 6K HDR Photos!

  • Town-Down photos, site maps, 3D maps, and more!

  • Automated Paths and Coordinates

  • Ultra Slow Motion 2.7K video

  • Color Graded and Original Files will be delivered


If you're interested in working with Scrapyard Films for your aerial Drone needs, email me at:

Scrapyard Films Josh Portrait banner rig

See the quality for yourself!


Stock Footage

"Stunning videos and images!"

Sometimes people need beautiful and cinematic stock footage or images to take their creation to the next level.


Scrapyard Films can capture your vision and provide you with licenses to use the stock footage and images OR you can buy the rights to them entirely so nobody else can use the media but you!



"Professional and timely work!"

Construction companies often need progression pictures or videos of their projects on job sites to make sure things are happening on schedule, ensure plans look correct, and to make the investors happy.


Scrapyard Films can provide ultra high quality 6K videos and HDR photographs of projects on job sites from extremely useful aerial angles. Companies can even request frequent pictures from the exact same position in the sky to fully see how their work is progressing.


Real Estate

"Breathtaking photos!"

If you're a Realtor and want to really catch the eye of a buyer, HDR aerial photographs that are professionally color graded are a must!

Scrapyard Films will capture unique angles of properties that will make your company stand out above the rest!

Contact Scrapyard Films

If you're interested in using Scrapyard Films for your aerial Drone Photography and Videography needs, email me at:

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