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Scrapper Pro LUTs

Scrapper Pro LUTs


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Scrapper Pro LUTS are high quality LUT packs specifically crafted to get the most out of your camera's sensor and help retain the details in the highlights and shadows of your recorded footage.Scrapper Pro LUTS are created using precise color correction software and ultra-high quality video footage with scientifically accurate color charts to produce the most accurate results for Videographers while Color Grading. They're designed to be as simple as dragging and dropping them on your clips in just about all high end video editing software like VEGAS Pro, Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro.

NOTE: These LUTs not the same as the FREE LUTS I give away over on my store.

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Now as you already know, LUTS are NOT magic and do not fix or look good on footage that was shot incorrectly. So to get the best results, you'll want to make sure to follow a few steps to maximize the look and quality of your footage.

Want the simple answer?
1.  Record in either a Log or a Natural profile. (
Or also an HLG profile for certain cameras)
2. Download the appropriate LUT Pack for your camera. (
Or use the Universal LUT Pack)
3. Use the corresponding LUT(s) for that profile and grade to your liking.

Want the detailed answer?
1. Configure your camera settings before you shoot. (
Specific camera settings are detailed in the included PDF that comes with specified LUT Pack)
2. Shoot your video correctly. (
Proper Exposure, Custom White Balance, Native ISO, Picture Profile, High Bit Depth, High Bit Rate, High Chroma Subsampling. Again, everything detailed and explained in each specified LUT Pack.)
3. Download the appropriate LUT Pack for your camera. (
Or use the Universal LUT Pack)
4. Apply LUT(s)
5. Perform final grading.

hdr color.png
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The Universal LUTS are designed to be placed on Rec.709 footage that was shot on any video camera.

They will not look correct if placed on Log or HLG footage.


The Panasonic LUTS are designed specifically for video recorded on Panasonic cameras such as the G Series (GH5, GH5s, etc.) and the S Series (S1, S1H, S5, etc.) The pack contains V-Log LUTS, HLG LUTS, and the Universal LUTS.

Future LUT Packs that are currently being developed

- Sony (A7s, A7C, etc.) S-Log 3 LUT Pack

- Fujifilm (X-T3, X-T4, etc.) F-Log LUT Pack

- Nikon (Z Series, etc.) N-Log LUT Pack

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