There are a few different ways you can help show your love and support which are
YouTube Join,  Twitch Subscribe,  and Patreon.
There are 2 Tiers of support and the details are listed below.
Tier 1 achieved via YouTube, Twitch, and Patreon
● Exclusive Platform-Specific badges and emotes!
● Exclusive access to supporter chat and voice in Scrapyard Films Discord!
● Early access to upcoming information and videos!
● Request video editing tutorials, video games for streams, and prizes for giveaways!
● Exclusive access to MixPlay's VIP Lounge!
● Have your name/channel added to my supporters list on
● Exclusive access to the VIP Lounge and all it's content!
● Entrance to Patreon-only Giveaways (if you choose Patreon, of course)
tier 2.png
super scrapper.png
Tier 2 achieved via Patreon only.
● Super awesome 'Scrapyard Films Super Scrapper' T-Shirt!
● Highest priority video editing requests, games to stream requests, and giveaway requests!
● Prioraty game time with me when I do open lobbies!*
● Scheduled 1 on 1 video editing training!*
● Get listed on my 'Featured Channel' section on YouTube!
● Get auto-hosted by me on Twitch and Mixer!
● Special verbal shout-out after each video I upload!

How much does all this cost?

It's super cheap and varies for whichever platform you want to use.
Tier 1 - Scrapper
Patreon  -  $1/month
( Patreon only keeps 10% of every dollar ) 
YouTube Join  -  $1/month
( YouTube keeps 30% of every dollar ) 
Twitch Subscribe  -  $5/month
( Twitch keeps 50% of every dollar ) 
( If you have Amazon Prime, you can get a Twitch Subscription for free! Click here to learn more! )
Out of all these platforms, Patreon helps the creators the most because they keep the least amount.
Tier 2 - Super Scrapper
Patreon  -  $5/month
This tier is a Patreon exclusive tier because it supports the creator the most. Even though Twitch subscriber is the same price, it's not considered Tier 2 because Twitch still keeps half of the monthly cost and also because people with Amazon Prime get a free Twitch subscription.

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