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In case you didn't know, your drone most likely has a LOG profile that you can record video in It's usually very desaturated and "flat" looking. Autel has their A-LOG profile. Manufacturers typically create their own custom LUT (Look Up Table) that corrects the colors of their specific LOG profile to make the colors and dynamic range look "normal".


Sometimes, though, those manufacturer's LUTS don't look as good as you think they should and that's why people make their own custom LOG to Rec709 LUTS.


I created my own custom A-LOG to Rec709 LUT because I believe it allows Autel's LOG footage to look more realistic. I have provided a free download for this LUT below for anybody who wants to use it!

Drone Work Pro - Custom A-LOG to Rec709

$10.00 Regular Price
$0.00Sale Price
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